Hair Loss Solutions is a professional hair restoration salon serving Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN clients

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Minneapolis & St. Paul Hair Loss Clinic

Hair Loss Solutions is a Twin Cities hair loss clinic and hair restoration salon located in Oakdale, MN. Hair Loss Solutions offers a variety of professional hair loss services to our Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota hair loss clients including hair restoration therapy, hair extensions, FDA approved laser hair re-growth and hair replacement. In addition to this, we also offer salon services such as styled cuts, wigs, toupees and facials.

We believe in bringing back personal service. We love what we do and that each client is a brand new opportunity to create an individualized look. Working for men and women with hair loss is our absolute passion. Our clients are the highlight of each day and every one has become such a special part of our life!

Contact us today if you would like to learn more on how we can layout a custom treatment plan for you.

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