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hair extensions in minneapolis & st. paul

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Hair Loss Solutions offers partial hair extensions for our clients, typically meant for length and volume on medium to long hair that is thin or full hair extension services for length and volume on short to medium-length, thick or thin hair. This will be determined at the complimentary consultation. Call us today.


The Ultratress hair extensions are the gentlest, most natural looking extensions on the market today. Plus they take less than two hours from start to finish and they include: washing, blowout, application and blending cut. Ultratress II hair extension can be reapplied so you’re not throwing away money.

hair extensions

The regular price on these is $995 so here’s your opportunity to save $500. ACT FAST!!!

These are only available while supplies last at Hair Loss Solutions. Discover for yourself why HLS is the leader in all hair addition processes including hair extensions. This offer expires on September 30, 2016.

hair extensions



This product is for healthy hair to add length and volume. We use Ultratress II hair extensions, which we find to be the best product out there today. Ultratress II is unlike any other hair extension on the market because it blends in seamlessly with your natural hair. Applications only take about 1 hour!

Want longer hair? Sure, UltraTress extensions can do that. If your hair is too thin or too flyaway or too limp or too damaged from all the things you’ve done to try to make your
hair better UltraTress extensions can help where ordinary hair extensions can’t.

hair extensions

hair extensions




This product is for thin hair to add length and volume and can be applied on top of head for added volume at the roots.

  • 100% human hair
  • Fast application – transformation on a lunch break!
  • No damage to the natural hair
  • Easy to self style
  • Commitment free color and highlights
  • Saves time and money
hair extensions

hair extensions




This product is perfect for someone with very thin, damaged hair to add instant length and volume with zero bonding and is a great product clients can use everyday and apply in 2 minutes or for special events to give you that extra boost of glam!

hair extensions

If you live in or around Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN and are looking for a relaxed, professional Twin Cities hair loss salon to discuss your hair extension needs, contact Hair Loss Solutions today to arrange your free consultation.

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