Different women come to us with different needs, and varying levels of hair loss. Some women have lost just a little bit of their length or volume, and don’t necessarily need total hair replacement. Rather, what they’re after is a way to fill in the thin patches and to once again have the thick, healthy head of hair they once enjoyed. For these women, hair extensions and hair toppers can be perfect solutions. We’re pleased to provide these options here at Hair Loss Solutions in Vadnais Heights, MN.

As always, the process begins with a consultation. Each client is invited to sit down with us in our relaxed, private studio space for a confidential chat with a hair loss professional. We’ll take a look at your hair and scalp, listen to your goals and objectives, and recommend the solutions we think are a good fit.

For many of our clients, that may involve human hair extensions and human hair toppers. These are integrated into your naturally growing hair, or in some cases just worn on the top of the head, to provide the length and volume you’re after. Additionally, they conceal any areas of your scalp where hair growth has gotten too thin.

Hair Loss Solutions provides extensions and toppers only from the world’s leading brands—the ones we know to work well and to provide completely satisfying long-term results. Not only can we direct you to the products that offer you the most natural-looking results, but we can also bond them to your hair or scalp to ensure they remain in place, allowing you to wear them with total confidence. And, we are always available to advise on how to maintain your extensions and toppers.

We’re known for providing our clients with ample personal attention and plenty of friendly service—and we’d love to speak with you directly about your interest in extensions and toppers.


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For women seeking to enhance the length or volume of their naturally growing hair, extensions and toppers may make the most effective answers. We’d love to talk with you more about how human hair extensions or toppers could be your gateway to hair restoration—and, to looking and feeling like yourself again. The first step is a private, relaxed consultation visit. Contact Hair Loss Solutions in the Twin Cities and schedule your appointment today!

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The first step toward regaining a full head of hair is to visit with the owner who has over 20 years experience as a hair loss specialist. This service includes a microscopic scalp analysis and an in depth consultation to pinpoint the exact cause of hair loss. Following that we will explain all of the options to stop and reverse hair loss plus all methods possible with the latest techniques within the hair loss industry. Hair Replacement, Extensions, Laser Therapy or Topical Products are provided as needed on site. We will find the perfect solution for you. Enjoy this complimentary consultation to find your individualized hair loss solution.

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