There’s something timeless and elegant about a wig. While hair restoration has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, there are some women who still prefer a good human hair wig, whether to conceal their hair loss or simply to wear for fashion. In particular, wigs are a great option for women who are losing their hair due to a medical treatment, like radiation or chemotherapy. At Hair Loss Solutions in Vadnais Heights, MN, we provide our clients with human hair wigs from some of the world’s top wig makers, in all imaginable colors and styles. We’d love to show you some hair pieces for women, and to help you locate the one that best fits your needs.

Human Hair Wigs

Wigs have been around for centuries, yet the artistry and craft of wig making has advanced considerably in the modern era. Today, human hair wigs provide women with whatever color and style they’re after, with results that look completely natural. And, these wigs can be fit so that they provide a snug and secure solution, meaning women can truly wear their wig with confidence. At Hair Loss Solutions, we provide access to human hair wigs from the top lines.

We can not only help fit you for the perfect wig, but also guide you to the one that best captures the look you’re seeking.

Synthetic Wigs

Women’s wigs come in all different colors, styles, and even materials. For some women, synthetic wigs make the best option—and at Hair Loss Solutions, we’re pleased to provide access to synthetic wigs that look and feel just like the real thing. Our experts will measure you for a wig that fits comfortably and securely, and provide you with guidance as you seek a new hair piece to meet all your aesthetic goals. With a premium synthetic wig, you can start looking and feeling like yourself again. Visit us in our salon to choose from our catalog of wigs from the world’s top wig makers.


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Whether you’re struggling with medically induced hair loss or simply aren’t yet ready for a custom hair system, synthetic or human hair wigs can be the perfect option. We’re thrilled to be the top provider of high-end wigs in Minneapolis-St. Paul area, and we’d love to show you some of the options we have available. Contact Hair Loss Solutions today to schedule a consultation in our salon.

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The first step toward regaining a full head of hair is to visit with the owner who has over 20 years experience as a hair loss specialist. This service includes a microscopic scalp analysis and an in depth consultation to pinpoint the exact cause of hair loss. Following that we will explain all of the options to stop and reverse hair loss plus all methods possible with the latest techniques within the hair loss industry. Hair Replacement, Extensions, Laser Therapy or Topical Products are provided as needed on site. We will find the perfect solution for you. Enjoy this confidential consultation to find your individualized hair loss solution.

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